General Questions

Yes of course we still do! We usually boost on other maps like Office or Cannals now, the exact same way.

Absolutely not, CSGO Boosting is not against Valve’s terms and conditions. We also do not use cheats or any other 3rd party programs which means it is 100% safe.

No. You can only get into overwatch if you get reported, but since you will be playing with our own AFK global bots, no one can report you. We do hundreds of games every months with zero issues at all, it is 100% safe.

Yes that can be true sometimes due to a system valve implemented to stop obvious spinbotters. This is why we have adapted our CS:GO boosting method to make it 100% safe. You will be sharing the 80 kills with 1 or 2 other people, which means that you will have less than 100 points and therefore will not fall into automatic overwatch.

Feel free to check out our Trustpilot with tons of real customer reviews and our Facebook/Twitter. You will also be paying through the G2A pay gate which means that you have 100% refund guarantee and safe transactions.

It certainly depends on the size of your order but the process itself usually almost always takes only a few hours, and the boost is usually started within 24 hours of purchase.

Yes you can. If you go offline on steam when getting boosted, you won't appear online on CS:GO and then your friends won't be able to see you ingame.

Unfortunately, we cannot publically relase the technical details behind the boosting method as it is classified information of our business.

They are fully protected. If you are worried about the security of your CS:GO skins, remember that the booster will be logging into your steam account from a new location. This will result in a 7 day market cooldown for the booster’s computer. Additionally, sending steam items from an account to another would require either mobile or email confirmation which we do not have access to. This is why you have no reason to be worried about your CS:GO skins. You can read more about these steam regulations here.

We accept CS:GO boosting orders from all continents and countries.

If you have a question which is not mentioned or answered in our FAQs, feel free to contact us using our contact form or our email:

Yes actually! Add us on skype: CounterBoosting and we will tell you what to do to get 1 free win from us (any rank).

Yes! If you want to pay with CS:GO skins / keys, you can contact us on our live chat, Skype, Facebook, or email! You will however have to pay according to the OPSkins prices, not the steam market prices.


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